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MatchBOX Maker LAB: Tools & Equipment

Published Monday, September 9, 2019

Tinkerers, Makers, Entrepreneurs, Artisans, and Creative Constructivists of All Types

MatchBOX Maker LAB is a shared space for anyone who needs a workshop, a place to get things done, or a community of like-minded creatives dreaming of their next invention.

The space is open to all MatchBOX members at no additional charge, and works like a gym membership. Come in whenever you want; the LAB (like the rest of MBX) is accessible 24/7. 

We’re a workshop, a prototyping LAB, and a gathering place. Here's some of the equipment that you can use when you join the MatchBOX Maker LAB: 

Subtractive Manufacturing:

• Epilog 30W 12”x16“ laser
• Desktop Carvey CNC
• Vinyl cutter

Additive Manufacturing:
• 9 3D printers
• Vacuum forming machines
• Casting & Molding stations
• Sculpting equipment
• Sculpting materials

Creation with Technology
• 2 Oculus VR headsets
• Fusion 360
• Adobe Creative Suite

• Robotics kit
• Electrical kits
• Soldering station

Photos / Video
• Canon Digital Camera
• Go pro for video
• Photo lightbox
• Turntable
• Steady Cam
• Display Stands

Hand Tools
• Drill press
• Hand drill
• Rotary tools
• Hot-air guns
• Hot glue guns
• Clamps and snips
• Socket set
• Staple gun and brad nailer
• Wrenches
• Pliers, files, sanders, screwdrivers, etc.

• 30” Spray booth w/ exhaust
• Hand & spray paints
• Paint brushes, pallets, etc.

• 6’ x 3’ open work tables with cutting mats and T-square
• WIP and display shelf for ongoing projects

• Embroidery machine
• Serger machine
• Leather/denim sew machine
• Ironing board
• Hand Tools

Jewelry & Beads

• Bead loom
• Jewelry tools
• Fuse beads
• Chains and beads

• Button maker
• Laminator
• Paper cutter
• Hand woodworking tools
• Leatherworking tools
• Whittling knives and gloves

**This list is subject to change. We're changing around things in the LAB constantly to meet needs and usage requests. If you are interested in using something specific, email to confirm.**